aCart - One of a kind Amazon product shortener

One of a kind Amazon product shortener

Integration with Browsers uses bookmarklets for browser integration. Bookmarklets are little javascript links that live in the bookmarks toolbar of your browser.

First, add your Amazon Associate ID

Second, pick a bookmarklet and add it to your bookmarks toolbar

  • popup opens form window with product you're currently viewing already added and associate tag filled.
  • same page will load the aCart form in the same window as the page, but also will pre-populate associate tag.

If you use Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera, you can drag these links up to your bookmarks toolbar. You can rename them to whatever you like by right-clicking and choosing 'edit name'.

If you're using Internet Explorer, dragging won't work. Right-click on the bookmarklet instead, and select 'add to Favorites' at the prompt.

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